1. Suppose you are responsible for planning a database that will be used to catalogue the entire contents of a library. What steps will you need to take during the database planning process?

A.Create detailed descriptions of the tables needed to catalogue, books, DVDs, and newspapers
B.Import data from the existing book database into the new database
C.Meet with the librarians to discuss their needs
D.Train the staff on the functionality of the database
E.Identify and propose relationships between the book, librarian, and shelf location tables

2. You are in the process of creating an Access 2007 database. You create your first table and notice that there is a tiny key beside the first field name. What is this key?

A. Primary Key
B. Mandatory Key
C. Secondary Key
D. Foreign Key

3. The table you are viewing in Datasheet View contains over 1500 records. The insertion point is currently located in the first column of record 75. How can you quickly move the insertion point to the first column of record 1250?

A. Select the current record number on the Record Navigation Bar, type 1250, and press the Enter key on your keyboard
B. On the Home tab, in the Find group, click the Go To button and enter 1250 into the Record Number box
C. Repeatedly press the Down Arrow key on the keyboard to move to column 1 of record 1250
D. Repeatedly click the Next Record control on the Record Navigation Bar to move to column 1 of record 1250

4. Your electronics business has recently become more specialized and consequently, you no longer sell many of the lower-priced items that less-focused businesses traditionally carry. As you adapt your Access 2007 database to your current requirements, you realize that the Products table must be modified to remove items that you no longer sell or track. Which type of query should be used to modify the Products table?

A. Update query
B. Delete query
C. Remove query
D. Truncate query

5. You have created a query based on an Employee table in an Access 2007 database. The fields included in the query are First Name, Last Name, and Department. You would like to modify the query so only the employees from a certain department are displayed. From where in the Query Designer view can you make this possible?

A. Use the Sort row in the Query Designer
B. Use the Show row in the Query Designer
C. Use the Criteria row in the Query Designer
D. Use the Field row in the Query Designer

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