1. Which removable system hardware requires the Card Services to help add and remove drivers from the kernel?

B. RS-232
D. IEEE-1394
E. Parallel port

2. You are setting up an Apache 2.0 web server, and you need to specify the correct DocumentRoot in the default configuration file. Which file would you edit to make this modification?

A. http.conf
B. httpd.conf
C. httpd2.conf
D. apache.conf

3. What vulnerability is associated with a SUID (Set User ID) server?

A. Crackers can use the SUID to check for open ports, even through firewalls.
B. By starting a server as a super server, crackers can use it to flood the victim's computer with useless packets.
C. Bugs in a SUID server could allow a cracker to obtain the permission level of the user.
D. Bugs in a SUID server could allow it to run as root.

4. Which program can provide a secure encrypted communication session between two untrusted hosts?

A. rlogin
B. rsh
C. ssh
D. telnet

5. What must be done to configure a Linux computer to accept log submissions from a remote Linux computer?

A. Start the rsyslogd process.
B. Start the syslogd process with the -f option.
C. Start the syslogd process with the -r option.
D. Do nothing. Linux will accept remote log submissions by default.

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