1. You are the network administrator of a network that consists of several different Microsoft Server operating systems. Some clients have reported problems accessing network resources after your installation of Windows Server 2003. What service usually provides the name resolution used by clients running Windows NT and earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems?


2. You are the senior MCSE for All Knight Security and your company has servers located in different geographical areas that are serviced by your company. You need to manipulate the replication topology of your Windows Server 2003 network. You need to create a site on your Windows Server 2003 Active Directory network. In order for you to perform this action, you must be a member of what group: (Choose all that apply)

A.Domain Admins group (of the root domain)
B.Domain Admins group
C.Enterprise Admins
D.Site Admins

3. You are the new System Admin for a company with a Windows 2003 Active Directory network. The company’s management has invested heavily on smart card technology to enhance the network security. All users will be using smart card logon and connect to network resources You need to implement Windows 2003 PKI infrastructure to issue a smart card certificate. The company’s corporate division is in Seattle, and there are two other branch offices in Atlanta and England. The Administrator should not be involved when issuing a certificate. Which of the following designs should you use?

A. An Enterprise Root CA in all offices
B. A Standalone Root CA in all offices
C. An Enterprise Root CA in Seattle. An Enterprise Subordinate CA in Atlanta and England
D. A Standalone Root CA in Seattle. A Standalone Subordinate CA in Atlanta and England

4. Your network uses Windows Server 2003 and you are in the process of installing NLB clusters. You want to perform the installation remotely. With Windows Server 2003, you may install Network Load Balancing clusters remotely in which of the following ways: (Choose all that apply)

A.Using WMI to install and configure NLB cluster
B.None of the choices
C.Image-based installation of NLB clusters during the OS install
D.Unattended installation of NLB clusters during the OS install

5. As the network admin you are currently working with user accounts. You are in the process of copying a template user account to a new user account that is to be used for a newly hired employee. Of the following items, which ones will not be copied to the new user account? (Choose all that apply)

A.The user account description
B.The username
C.The password
D.The dial-in information
E.The user’s full name
F.The groups that the user account is a member of

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