1. You are creating a report to distribute to the employees in your organization. Before sending it, you decide to email the document to the managers in each department. You instruct them to review the document and reply back with any suggestions. You want to ensure that when the managers receive your document, they can determine whether it has been changed since it left your hands. Which feature can you use to accomplish this?

A. Protect Document
B. Citation
C. Footnote
D. Digital Signature

2. You have inserted a Clip Art image into the document that you are working on. The document is the agenda for a company meeting and must have several copies printed. You decide that the image should be black and white to save the printer's colored ink. What should you do to change the Clip Art image's color scheme to black and white?

A. Right-click on the image, select Edit Picture, go to the Format tab, and select Colored Fill, White Outline - Dark from the Shape Styles group
B. Go to the Format tab and select the Reset Picture option
C. Click on the image, go to the Format tab, select the Recolor button, and then choose the Black and White option under Color Modes
D. Click on the image, go to the Format tab, select the Contrast button, and then choose +40%

3. You want to be able to easily access some common commands you use on a daily basis. How can you customize Word 2007 to add frequently used commands?

A. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down arrow and select more commands
B. Right click on a tab and choose Add new command
C. Select commands located within any tab and drag them to a different tab
D. Click the Office button and select New

4. You are working on a large document for your manager. You want to create links in the document so that other employees are able to jump directly to a section of your document. What features of Word 2007 will allow you to do this? (Choose two)

A. Find
B. Cross-reference
C. Index
D. Hyperlink

5. You are part of a team creating an advertisement for a big sale your company is having. You are assigned to create the final version from a document that has been reviewed by two other coworkers. You want to see the differences between the two documents displayed in a separate document along with the two original documents without merging them into one document. What would be the easiest way to do this?

A. Open both copies of the document and click the View tab | Window group | Arrange All to compare both documents
B. Click the View tab | Window group | View Side by Side to compare both documents
C. Click the Review tab | Compare group | Compare | Compare and select the two documents to be compared
D. Click the Review tab | Compare group | Compare | Combine and select the two documents to be compared

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